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About Us

“𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐢" means "sacred" in India, "new day" in Bahasa, and "king" in the Philippines. One word that is held in high esteem in any language. It is such for “Curry” too. This special blend of spices has transcended traditions, culture and taste buds around the world.

Curry was embraced as a classic favorite in Britain, became one of Japan’s main comfort food, and crawled into Indo-China's specialty Nyonya cooking. Countries like Germany, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, and the Philippines have prominent curry influence in their local cuisine too. The love for curry evolved even more in Thailand and Indonesia. Their heirloom dishes using their unique twists on curry captured the heart of food lovers and critics around the world.

HARI CURRY is the product of our obssession to bring the world’s best curry versions to your home. Each curry dish is made from fresh spices, slowly cooked, loyal to the taste of its origin to transport your senses with its undeniably authentic flavour and aroma.
Founded in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic by a travel entrepreneur who wish to fulfill every travel-hungry Filipino's desire to re-experience travel at the comfort of their home. To this day, we continue to fulfill our promise as we take pride in being the first and only one-stop curry shop in the country.

       #TasteTheWorld and #GetCurriedAway!